Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

The bottle liquid filling machine adopts a volumetric piston filling mechanism. A straight-line model with smooth and automatic bottle indeed, positioning and filling and meeting GMP standards.
The automatic liquid filling machine is easy to operate, and precise in volume, most suitable for pharmaceutical, shampoo, detergent, and other liquid chemical filling operations.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Advantage

  • The liquid filling machine adopting air-controlled positioning, Noiseless and easy for maintenance.
  • Adjusting different size of bottles immediately and without changing parts.
  • Fast bottle size change over without extra change parts.
  • No-bottle-no-filling device, easy for operation.
  • Filling volume adjustment can be finished in one time or micro adjustment, accuracy and tiny error.
  • Liquid contact part made of ss # 316
  • Install/dismantle simply, easy for cleaning, match to GMP required.
Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Features:

  • Adopting individually controlled cylinder for fast and accurate volume adjustment.
  • Liquid contact parts such as cylinder, filling nozzle made of SS#316 stainless steel.
  • Conveyer and machine top surface made of stainless steel for durability and ease in cleaning.
  • Bottle feeding and positioning are air-controlled.
  • Freedom in motor speed adjustment by adopting stepless speed controller.
  • Suitable for independent operation, also possible for connection with line operation.
  • The automatic cap sealing machine.

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