Capsule / Tablet Inspection Machine

CY-101 Capsule / Tablet Inspection Machine

CY-101 Capsule / Tablet Inspection Machine

What is the capsule and tablet inspection machine's working principle?

A tablet inspection machine is used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure the quality and integrity of tablets before they are packaged and distributed. This capsule inspection machine is designed and used for inspecting a capsule or tablet that is spotty, broken, or not standard by vision by mechanically rotating the capsule over 360 degrees or turning the tablet from one surface to the other surface. Inspection can be easily determined.
The working principle of a tablet inspection machine involves several key steps:

  • Feeding: Tablets are fed into the inspection machine through a hopper or conveyor belt system.
  • Orientation: The tablets are oriented in a specific manner to ensure consistent inspection.
  • Inspection: The machine uses various technologies such as vision systems, cameras, and sensors to inspect the tablets for defects, irregularities, or contamination. Common defects that are checked include cracks, chips, size variations, color discrepancies, and foreign particles.
  • Sorting: After inspection, the machine sorts the tablets based on the predetermined criteria. Defective tablets are separated from the good ones.
  • Rejection: Defective tablets are rejected and sent for further analysis or disposal, while good tablets proceed for packaging.

Three Advantages of Using a Tablet Inspection Machine

  1. Quality Assurance
    Using a tablet inspection machine can detect minor defects or deviations that may not be visible to the naked eye, provides a higher level of product quality control to ensure that only high-quality tablets meeting the required standards are distributed to consumers, helps pharmaceutical companies comply with regulatory standards and guidelines regarding product quality and safety, reducing the risk of quality-related issues or recalls.
  2. Reduced Labor Costs
    Minimizes the need for manual labor in inspecting tablets, thereby reducing labor costs and potential human errors.
  3. Increased Efficiency
    Automates the inspection process, leading to faster throughput and higher production efficiency compared to manual inspection methods.

Capsule Inspection Machine Features:

  • All stainless shell, body hopper and guide meeting G.M.P. requirements.
  • Feeding variable speed
  • Conveying belt is special, durable & easy to clean.
  • No noise, no public hazard.
  • Simple operation, maintenance, and convenient to use.
  • Change guide from capsule to tablet within 10 minrtes, vice versa.

Capsule / Tablet Inspection Machine Applicability:

CY-101 capsule inspection machine applicable to all sizes of capsules, tablets, ball pills and all types of solid medication.

Capacity Capsule Tablet
Max50.000Pcs/Hr Max70.000Pcs/Hr
Operator Capsule Tablet
1 Person 2 Person
Power Supply
Ac 110/220 50/60Hz
Power Consumption

Packing Size
Net Welght
Gross Weight