Pharmaceutical Capping Machine

LK-780 Semi-Auto Capping Machine

Capping Machines are widely applied for all kinds of metal, glass and plastic bottles, which with the exceptions of crowns and straight wall corks style closures. This LK-780 model Benchtop type capping machine can tighten screw caps from 10mm~120mm in diameter, and provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy ensuring a high quality closure for every cap that they tighten.

LK-780 Semi-Auto Benchtop Type Capping Machine


  1. Dimension: (H)65cm(W)40cm(L)48cm
  2. Voltage: 110/220VAC, 50/60HZ
  3. Power of motor: 40W
  4. Adjustable for width of bottle
  5. Adjustable for spiral threaded rod
  6. Capping speed: 2~3(s)/per bottle
  7. Water filter of air compression
  8. Necessary accessory : 1/4HP air compressor
  9. Pedal design
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