Capsule Filling Machine Series

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    The capsule filling machine known as encapsulation machine is a common equipment in the capsule manufacturing process, In industrial and pharmaceutical applications, the capsule filling machine's main function is to fill powders, granules or liquid substances with nutrients into empty capsules of various sizes. Capsule filler machines not only can effectively reduce costs and increase output and are less difficult to operate but also a good quality of machinery thus no need for frequent maintenance that is the best capsule filling solution!

    Capsule filling machines can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic, automatic capsule filling machine is operated automatically by the machine after the machine is set that the advantage of being fully automatic is that can avoid operator errors in operation, let the capsule filler can ensure continuous uninterrupted operation provides the best solution for capsule filling, and semi-automatic capsule filling machine can save a lot of costs for the pre-production, but the semi-automatic capsule filler machine requires an operator to operate the machine, so the output depends on the ability of the operator.

    Chin Yi is a professional manufacturer of encapsulation machines, We provide a variety of capsule filling machines, and the output per hour is different according to different specifications, welcome to contact us to get more capsule filler machine information!

    Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Automatic capsule filling machines are suitable for filling capsule sizes ranging from 00 to 5, with our ACF-70 model which can make up to 52,000 capsules per hour and goes up to the ACF-180 which produces up to 2,000 capsules per minute. Chin Yi providing the best capsule filling method to customers!

  • ACF-70 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    ACF-70 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • ACF-100 Automatic Capsule Filler

    ACF-100 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • ACF-120 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • ACF-140 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • ACF-180 Automatic Capsules Filling Machine

    ACF-180 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Automatic Capsule Arranging Machine

  • 400F-1 Automatic Capsule Arranging Machine

    Table Type Encapsulating Machine

  • 400F-2 Table Type Encapsulating Machine