Automatic Vial Capper Machine

CP-20 Automatic Vial Capper Machine

The Model CP-20 Automatic Vial Capper is designed either to couple with a vial filling & stoppering machine to complete an in-line operation or to operate independently. It is a reliable cap closing machine to apply aluminum seal to serum vial at speeds up to 100 units per minutes. It operates on an intermittent motion principle and features readily adjustable rollers to perform the sealing function.

Intake & Discharge Conveyers

Durable stainless steel wire woven belt together with easily adjustable rails, guides, and a timer finger ensure smooth movement of vials from entrance to exit of the machine. Glass breakage is easily avoided by actuating a microswitch to stop machine immediately in case of a bottle jam.

Intermittent Starwheel

Precision-machined index drive mechanism transports vials from intake & capfeed to sealing & exit positions in smooth & exact manner. A slip-clutch is equipped to stop the drive should bottle be caught or jammed between bottle rest or sealing head and starwheel, thus preventing glass breakage. To re-engage , simply revolve starwheel clockwise by hand until it clicks back into position.

Vibratory Feeder

Teflon-coated vibratory bowl provides quiet & smooth selection and feeding of aluminum caps without deformation & damage. Vibration intensity is infinitely adjustable thus proper cap feeding speed is guaranteed.

Sealing Head

Effective cap sealing of vials is achieved with three spring-loaded spinning rollers that seal independent of the top pressure applied to the cap. Fine adjustment of both top pressure and side roller pressure ensures uniform & air-tight closure.

Other important features:

  • stepless speed control of main drive;
  • quick & easy changeover of accessories;
  • electrodynamic braking system for quick emergency stops;
  • easy to clean & to maintain;
  • stable & rugged contraction ideal for long term usage;


Closure size:
13-20mm aluminum caps;
Operating speeds:
Up to 100 bottles per minute;
From left to right direction; height adjustable from 818mm to 850mm;
length at 900mm; stainless steel, woven closelink type;
Bottle sizes:
Min. dia. 15mm Min. height 30mm
Max. dia. 52mm Max. height 203mm
Motor drive:
1 Hp. AC motor with stepless speed control; 220V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase;
1,250mm(L) x 1,000mm(W) x 1,950mm(H)
Net: 250Kgs. Gross: 365 Kgs