Tablet Inspection Machine

CY-201 Roller Type Tablet Inspection Machine

Faulty ones reject by suction

Tablet Inspection Machine Purpose:

A Tablet inspection machine is designed to inspect both capsules and tablets. Transfer the capsules or tablets by rollers. The operators check the pharmaceuticals visually.

Tablet Inspection Machine Features:

  • Tablet inspection machines have a multifunction, suit for all sizes capsules and most soft gelatin capsules.
  • Suit for round, oval-shaped, oblong, and all kinds of tablets. (width>10mm; thickness>3mm)
  • No change parts need while changing the products.
  • Units are constructed of Stainless Steel. Meet cGMP requirements.
  • Rollers' speed adjustable.
  • The product hopper goes with a sieve to collect the scraps and small pellets.
  • Faulty ones reject by suction.
  • While inspecting the products, products turn 360 degrees continuously.
  • The unit goes with a mirror to assist the inspection job. Lights install under the intermediate roller to assist check if the clear products get impurities.

Tablet Inspection Machine Specifications:

Capsules : MAX 120,000 pcs/hr
Tablets: MAX 50,000 pcs/hr
Power Supply
110/220V AC 50/60Hz
1/4Hp x2 sets