Capsule and Tablet Inspection Machine

CY-201 Roller Type Capsule and Tablet Inspection Machine

Faulty ones reject by suction


This machine is designed to inspect both capsules and tablets. Transfer the capsules or tablets by rollers. The operators check the pharmaceuticals visually.


  • Multi function, suit for all sizes capsules and most soft gelatin capsules.
  • Suit for round, oval-shaped, oblong and all kinds of tablets. (width>10mm; thickness>3mm)
  • No change parts need while change the products.
  • Units are constructed of Stainless Steel. Meet cGMP requirements.
  • Rollers' speed adjustable.
  • Product hopper goes with sieve to collect the scraps and small pellets.
  • Faulty ones reject by suction.
  • While inspect the products, products turn 360 degrees continuously.
  • Unit goes with a mirror to assist the inspection job. Lights install under the intermediate roller to assist check if the clear products get impurities.


Capsules : MAX 120,000 pcs/hr
Tablets: MAX 50,000 pcs/hr
Power Supply
110/220V AC 50/60Hz
1/4Hp x2 sets