Electronic Counting Machine

LK-700 Semi-Automatic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine


Main machine can be transmissible without any machine, heat sealing, launcher. It does not contact with aluminum foil and cap directly. Non-contacted sealing method responses to sealing coil by tunnel way. By this technology, the aluminum cap foil is coated with an inert film on one side. The film touches on the bottle edge, under the pressure that cap gives, when the aluminum foil heated by the induction coil, the film reaches the melting point soon and becomes as an adhesive to bond the cap foil and bottle.


  • Avoid contents outflow.
  • Isolate the contents inside to touch air can avoid quality direction.
  • Safe sealing, promote product image, prevent prevent destory on purpose, make sure content in container and extend quality day.
  • Power: 9-phase control
  • Timer device


  1. Drugs: powder, liquid, capsule, table etc..
  2. Cosmetics: moisturizing lotion, wa and uvb protection lotion.
  3. Beverages: mineral water, milk, juice, yoghurt, flavored drink.
  4. Chemicals: lubricant, conditioner, cleaner.
  5. Foods: coffee bean , jelly, fish food.
  6. Insecticides: liquid, powder, bottle.

Technical Features

  • Voltage: AC 220V+/- 10% 50/60HZ or AC 110V+/- 10% 50/60HZ
  • Max. Output power: 550W
  • Operating Frequency: 20-26 KHZ
  • The weight of main controller: 11.80 kgs
  • Dimensions : (L) 7.5 cm x (W) 21.5 cm x (H) 25 cm
  • The Weight of the pedestal: 10 kgs
  • Dimensions of the pedestal: (L) 46 cm x (W) 37 cm x (H) 68 cm
  • Sealing range: 20~70mm (Others sealing range are available on request)


  • Slim design saves space.
  • With electric sensor design (Can also join the pedal switch) and a warning alarm notifies while heating, which are easy to access for operation and small production.
  • Unique heat dissipation design rarely needs servicing.
  • With Hoisting stopwatch (altimeter) and wind up mounting, the operator can adjust the sealing head easily. S o that it is suitable for any size of containers.
  • Protection of electric circuit in case of o verpotential, overcurrent and abnormal temperature.
  • With a warning alarm. Loud audible signal to alert the user problems.
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