Pharmaceutical Machine

SY-BG Cylindrical Extruding Granulating Machine

Patent No:118093

200200 Exrtuding Granulating Machine
For Pharmaceuticals and Foods

Instruction :

  • Add proper amount of binder to the materials to be granulated and mix evenly, then pour into the funnel of granulating machine.
  • Using a special ppushing blade in the screen and reverse pressing to push the articles out of the screen, then collected by a disk to the scraaper at the front for scraping. The yield is three times more than the ordinary franulating machine.
  • Using less water to granulate simplifies pre-treatment of granulating process. Easy to operate, wide range application.
  • The speed of machine is non-step variable. The pore siae of screen can be changed to the most appropriate requirement. Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Grains granulated by this machine can attain an even hardness and uniform size. Can make screen with pore diameter from 0.5m/m to assemble and dismantle.
  • This is a semi-dry low moisture granulating machine. It is able to maintain great stability of grain. and feasible for mass production.

Usage :

Pharmaceuticals, food stuffs(health food), animal feeds, detergents, fertilizer, general chemicals, and food additives. Maunfacturing process has been improved through better fluidity, and can get more accurate quantitative during packing. It rpevents the grains from caking and bridging due to humidity which is beneficial in the production of new products and reasonable packing.


100~250 kg/hr
400~600 kg/hr
400~600 kg/hr
Particle Size
Ø0.6~Ø0.2 mm
Ø0.8~Ø 3 mm
Ø1.0~Ø 3 mm
Inner Diameter
Drive Motor
71/2HP/ 1/2HP
15HP/ 1/2HP
Net Weight (APP.)
450 kg
1000 kg
850 kg
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