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SY-HMD Vacuum Dispersion Mixer


  • Vacuum dispeersion mixer is an improved design to meet the much more diversified, complicated and professional food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulas and processes. This kind of mixers may remedy the deficiency resluting from the reduction of use of emulsion. Meanwhile the feeling and stability of the products will be greatly enhanced. A range of blades is provided for your choice.
  • Dispersion type mixer: Super speed revolving type cutting of materials. The slit between the upper and lower layers provide a space for strong cutting the products passing by. It also has the function of blowing out.
  • Turbine type mixer: The projection part of turbine wil generate air packet phenomenon to disperse the materials repeatedly before converging. It also can be used for mixing fine emulsion of high viscosity.
  • Spiral type mixer: Thespiral grinding blade will produce irregular stirring action when it strikes downward. If a scratching type positive and negative revolving blads is used, the irregular current may be corrected to form opposite current so to enhance stirring efficiency.
  • Double deck type mixer: This is used for matericals of low viscosity. By synchronizing movement of the blades, the materials will flow upward form indside and drag up from outside, at the same time, the bubbles will be eliminated.
  • Reversing type mixer: Same as the spiral guiding blades the above mixer may be changed each other for use with the main mixer subject to the differences fo produchts.


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