Pharmaceutical Machine

SY-RBR Rotary Vacuum Drying Mixer


In food and drug industry, raw material, including intermedia, antibiotics, crystailzed of granular materials with low or high boiling points which are sensitive to temperature during the drying process that high temperature is not used in operation. Therefore, the method of vacuum pressure-decreasing to speed the evaporation of water and solvants in the tank at rather low temperature is used to achieve the drying purpose. Meanwhile, no scorch or stain are effected, and no change of quality or color because of high temperature, so the original properties are maintained.

The structures of the duyer are double conical and three-layer cone types. The three-layer design has heating water circulation in the middle layer and the other layer is air-tight for thermostatic purpose. The layer tank walls are 320# optic treatment to meet CGMP requirements. Feader are placed on upper and lower sides including vacuum feed, lot revoling feed and fixing feed. There are also built-in CIP automatic sprayer, high-speed dispersion cutter, pressured spraying fluid, granule collecter, bag cleaner, condenser and vacuum auxiliary pump. Full-automatic programe ²³PLC²³computer²³face board control²³system control.

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