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SY-RBT Triplicity-Cone Mixer


  • It is an improvement of the traditional duplicity-con mixer. The center is a round slant post, the top and bottom is conical shape, and forming and S-shape mixing tank. In order to improve mixing result, may equip turbulence board, turbulence ball, mixing blade, high speed dispersing, crushing blade, spraying liquid compression device, vacuum drying device, vacuum filter, and CIP cleaning device, etc. Inside the tank.
  • Standard operation is by feeding raw materials from the top and discharge from the bottom. May also use the bottom to automatically feed materials by batch rotation, vacuum coveying, and through the center of the cone. The type of mixer si very suitable for mixing crushing power with fluidity and small specific gravity or dyeing and mixing small grains. The materials in the tank are mixed in a five-forms. The materials in the tank are mixed in a five-forms three-dimensional motion. Standard mixing quantity is 40%~60% of its total capacity.
  • The prupose for Triplicity-Come Mixer is for even mixing is for even mixing for materials, especially to pretend adhering on the wall of tank interior, and for 320 frit size boff finsh May also coordinate with vaxuum drying and operate at low temperature, using slow rotation crystal, not easily wom. The product won't deform due to high temperature. High quality, able to produce uniform product. It is an equipemnt that chemical industry should posess.
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