SFDA Annual Exhibition 2019

SFDA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019


Why Attend?

Saudi Arabia is the World’s 19th largest economy, a member of the G20 and the largest economy in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region with the third-biggest current account surplus in the world. It is the world’s sixteenth largest exporter and the world’s 29th largest importer.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority seeks to achieve the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision by enhancing efficiency and transparency, and set up the necessary environment for the citizens and business sector to endure their responsibilities. In addition, take the lead in facing challenges and grab opportunities, which will ensure the food safety, the safety and quality and effectiveness of the medicine and the efficiency and safety of medical devices and products.

SFDA Annual Conference & EXHIBITION (SFDACE) is the leading event in the region for Food, Drug, and Medical Device. In addtion to Health Promotion related to these domains. From this perspective, this annual conference and exhibition is an important occasion to enter and compete in the Saudi market.

Fact Sheet

SFDA Annual Conference & EXHIBITION (SFDACE)
Date 30 Sep - 02 Oct 2019
Venue Riyadh International convention & Exhibition Center

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